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9th Grade Officers of LGED (Local Government Engineering Department)

Course Advisor: Dr. M. Mizanur Rahman
Course Director: Md. Abdul Malek
Assistant Course Director: Md. Ahsan Habib
Course Coordinator: Saira Parveen


Dear Participant, I heartily congratulate you for being nominated for the "41st Special Foundation Training Course (SFTC)” for the 9th Grade officials of Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) to be held from September 14, 2021 to November 23, 2021 at the Bangladesh Institute of Administration and Management (BIAM) Foundation, Dhaka. 1.0 It is my pleasure to welcome you as a participant in the upcoming 41st SFTC on behalf of our vibrant community here at BIAM Foundation. I firmly believe that you will find BIAM as your second home. BIAM prepares future leaders in both public and private sectors by providing contemporary knowledge, necessary skills to lead, and appropriate mindset for success. In line with its continued journey of leadership building, 41st SFTC is going to be an intensive, rigorous, yet invigorating training program. SFTC primarily focuses on imparting discipline, required set of skills, and attitude of an officer. Through successful completion of the training, SFTC will equip you with the capability to work in stressful and conflicting environment, act smartly through complex negotiations and decision making, and effectively lead a team towards the desired goal of your organization. SFTC will also guide you to sharpen your values, ethics and morality in becoming a good human being. 41st SFTC is a 71 days long program that entails wide ranging activities including regular and extended lecture sessions, assignments, term paper, reports, syndicate, group work, presentations, review, examination, interview/viva, field attachments, physical fitness training, games and sports, cultural events, club activities and so on. A detailed schedule of the activities will be found in the course guidelines. Once you accomplish all the requirements of the training course at BIAM, you will be awarded the certificate of successful completion of SFTC and accolades for your extraordinary performances. 2.0 SFTC is a residential training course. Therefore, it is mandatory for all participants to stay at the BIAM dormitory during the whole period of the training. You may have to engage in training related activities not only in weekdays but also in weekends, and if necessary, also beyond regular office hours. During training you will have to work individually and in groups as well, which will give you opportunity to interact with other participants and faculty members in an assigned strategic task. During your stay at BIAM, you will need to strictly follow training-related rules and regulations of the Institution. Any noncompliance to the rules and regulation will be deemed as misconduct and every case of misconduct will be dealt with utmost severity. In the case of any major violation of rules and norms, a participant may end up being released from the training course. In such cases, BIAM will send a formal report and request the concerned authority to start disciplinary action against the participant. Therefore, your positive approach, mental readiness and the determination to cope with the training workload are key to your success at BIAM. I strongly encourage you to capitalize this magnificent opportunity of 41st SFTC and get the most out of it. I have full confidence in your ability and eagerly look forward to your successful completion of SFTC with flying colors. 3.0 Here are few useful guidelines regarding the training course and your stay at BIAM: 3.01. Please register online via www.biam.org.bd to enroll in the 41st SFTC. If you face any issues regarding registration, please contact Mr. Md. Ahsan Habib, Deputy Director (Training), BIAM Foundation and Assistant Course Director (cell: 01712-682860 and E-mail: habib15715@gmail.com) for assistance. 3.02. All participants of 41st SFTC will have to abide by the following prescribed dress code in training sessions and beyond. You should bring at least two sets of each dress (total 6 sets) for attending training sessions. Dress code for the male & female participants is given below: Dress code for male participants Dress code for female participants Full sleeve (white) shirt (plain) - 2pcs Full sleeve (sky) blue shirt (plain) - 2pcs Full sleeve (ash) shirt (plain) - 2pcs Pants (Black)- Adequate number Black shoes with lace, Black or ash socks (not white) English/Tennis half pants/track suits and white T-shirt with collar and white cades and white socks (for PT and Games) Light pink Saree - 2pcs (1cotton+1 half silk) Light blue Saree - 2pcs (1 cotton + 1 half silk) Sea green Saree - 2pcs (1 cotton + 1 half silk) Blazer (Black)- Matching closed shoes and socks White salwar, kamiz, cross dupatta with white waist belt, white track suits and white keds and white socks (for PT and Games) Complete Suit - Black Sherwani/Panjabi with 'Koti' – on religious ground Blazers – Black Hijabs or Gown (Burkha) – on religious ground. Please note that you are required to attend the morning PT session and participate in the games in the evening. 3.03. BIAM will arrange your accommodation and food during your stay at the venue. The cost of your food during your stay at BIAM will be financed from the training budget. Pregnant participants are discouraged to attend the training course. Female participants having babies (staying at BIAM) will have to pay for BIAM hostel rent and food on her own. 3.04. Please bring six (6) copies of your recent colored passport size and two (2) copies of stamp size colored photographs for registration & other purposes. You are also requested to bring your necessary personal medicine 3.05. Participants are not allowed to keep precious ornaments, valuables or large sum of money in the dormitory. 3.06. You will have to report at BIAM Foundation Reception desk on September 13, 2021 (Monday) by 5:00 pm. Failure to report in time will result in barring the participant to attend the course. 3.07. Pre-Course briefing is scheduled at 6.00 am on September 13, 2021. All participants are required to be present at the pre-course briefing 10 minutes before the scheduled time. 3.08. You will be given Tk. 10,000/- as kit allowance to obtain your training dresses and other necessary items 3.09. You will not get any leave during the entire training period except for emergency situation subject to prior approval from the authority 3.10. You will have to strictly adhere to the health safety and personal hygiene codes related to COVID-19 pandemic 3.11. Please bring your own Laptop. BIAM will provide WiFi and printing facility for participants 3.12. We wish you an enjoyable, fruitful time in a non-smoking campus of BIAM with your fellow participants Sincerely Yours, Mr./Ms. ………………………………… Participant 41st DFTC for PGCB Officials Md. Abdul Malek Director (Training) & Course Director 41st SFTC for PGCB officials


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Zone: Dhaka

Course Type: Residential

Concerned Agency : LGED

Starting Date: 14-Sep-2021

Ending Date: 23-Nov-2021

Registration Begins: 11-Sep-2021

Registration Ends: 14-Sep-2021