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1. Only members of BCS (Administration) Cadre who are posted outside Dhaka Metropolitan area and their spouse, father, mother, daughter, son, father-in-law and mother-in-law can stay in BIAM hostel for certain period. Others will have to take prior permission from BIAM Authority.

2. An entitled officer can stay in BIAM hostel up to 10 (ten) days within consecutive two months period at regular room rent. If needed, a boarder can stay for another 07 (seven) days within these two months period and in this case, rent will be double if the reason for staying is personal. In case of official reason, the rent will remain regular and hence, the memo number of concerned office order (along with its date) is to be submitted.

3. Room rent and booking money ( payable in advance) are as followed :

sl. no.

Room Type

Rent per seat per day [ for Officers of BCS (Administration) Cadre ]

( in BDT )

Booking Money ( in BDT )

( non-refundable )

Rent per seat per day [ for other eligible persons ]

( in BDT )
















4. The booking money has to be deposited through online payment gateway while booking online which is non-refundable if it is cancelled by the applicant.

5. Any eligible member can book seats maximum 7 days before the expected date of arrival and for maximum two rooms at a time.

6. Check-in time is from 12 noon and check-out time is by 12 noon. In case of not checking-in on the booked date, that allocation will be considered as cancelled and that seat will become vacant for new booking from the next day.

7. VIP rooms will be kept reserved for the Deputy Commissioners and above ranking Officers. Priority will be determined on the basis of seniority. Others will have to take prior permission from BIAM Authority.

8. Boarders of opposite genders are not permitted to enter each other’s room. If urgently needed, they may meet in the waiting lounge at the reception or canteen instead.

9. Cooking is strictly prohibited inside any rented room. Boarders can purchase meal from BIAM canteen. Order for food / meal can be placed both online and at the reception within the stipulated time as mentioned below. Coupon may be purchased from the reception in this regard.

10. Time schedule for meal order & serving with price:

Meal Type

End time of meal order

Serving time

Per unit price


Till 09:00 PM of previous night

07:30 AM to 08:30 AM



Till 10:00 AM

01:30 PM to 02:30 PM



Till 05:00 PM

08:30 PM to 09:30 PM


11. Room service is not available.

12. While leaving, key of the room should be handed over to the reception. Compensation of Tk. 200/- will be charged if it is lost.

13. Use of ceiling fans solely for drying up wet clothes, use of flatiron, electric oven or heater or similar types of electronic equipment inside the room is prohibited.

14. Nailing or spitting on the floor or wall is prohibited. No waste material or trash should be thrown out of the window.

15. Before leaving the room, it should be ensured that the lights, fans and geyser are switched off and water taps are turned off.

16. Laundry service is available (Ext. 232).

17. The main gate of the hostel will be closed at 11 pm during the summer (March to September) and at 10.30 pm during winter (October to February). It will be opened at 6 am.

18. This hostel is considered as non-smoking zone and consumption of any kind of intoxicating material is strictly prohibited.

19. The highest endeavor for cleanliness of the room will be appreciated.

20. The beddings and furniture cannot be rearranged by the boarders.

21. If any item that is the sole property of the hostel is lost or damaged by the guest, then he/she will have to compensate according to the rate fixed by the authority.

22. Presently there is no provision of accommodation for the drivers, orderlies, bodyguards or personal attendants in the hostel.

23. Tips are not allowed. If anybody is willing to pay any tips, it may be dropped in the “marked Box” at the reception room.

24. Making any kind of loud noise or creating public nuisance in the hostel is strictly prohibited.

25. If any problem arises regarding electricity or water supply, then that can be noted down in the complaint register which is kept on the reception table. If urgent, it should be reported to the duty staff noting the time of reporting.

26. For any kind of inconvenience, it may be informed to the housekeeper (Ext.240, cell-01726627110) or the receptionist (Ext.120, phone : 9333014) for its remedy.

27. Booking may be cancelled due to violation of instructions stated above or providing with wrong information for hostel room booking.

28. Director General of BIAM Foundation reserves the right to exercise his discretionary power in allocating hostel-room of BIAM.